Learn to Fly

Hire an experienced Class 1 Flight Instructor for all of your flight training needs!


Experienced Flight Instructor

Hi! My name is Steve. I'm a flight instructor operating in Southern Manitoba. If you're looking for an instructor, I can help!

With over 6500 hours of flight time, and over 3300 hours of civilian and military in-flight instruction, I can help you with formal training, aviation mentorship, or coaching (including online coaching!). 


Flight Training
Initial and Recurrent!

I can teach toward any of the following:

- Recreational Pilot Permit,
- Private Pilot License,
- Commercial Pilot License,
- Night Rating,
- VFR OTT Rating,
- Flight Instructor Rating,
- Multi-Engine Rating, and
- Instrument Rating

Tutoring / Coaching
Skill Refinement?  Exam Prep?

Working through your grounsdschool?

Struggling with an air exercise?

Getting ready for that big exam?

I can help!  Tutoring can be in person or online.

For online instruction, visit www.StudentPilot.ca!

Flight Testing
Ready for your Ride?

If you're ready for your flight test in the Prairie and Northern Region, I can be your examiner. I am Delegated by Transport Canada to conduct licensing flight tests for the:

    - Recreational Pilot Permit
    - Private Pilot License
    - Commercial Pilot License
    - Multi-Engine Rating
    - Instrument Rating